Taste Tea and Experience Tea Culture: Highlights of 3 Tea Events

2017 Beijing International Tea Expo, 2017 Beijing Maliandao International Tea Culture Expo and 2017 Zunyi Tea Culture Festival (called "two Expos and one Festival" for short) ended on June 19. Colorful tea-themed events have been held, showing the charm of China’s tea culture.
On the afternoon of June 16, a special presentation for the "two Expos and one Festival" was held at the Beijing Exhibition Center.
Maliandao Tea Culture Class held a lecture at the presentation, covering tea leaf, tea ceremony and tea art show, traditional culture and other aspects.
At the presentation, officials from Zunyi promoted Zunyi’s well-known tea, famous liquor and tourism resources, and told the brand building and development of Zunyi Black Tea and Zunyi Green Tea.
On the morning of June 17, Zunyi tea culture and tourism promotion event was held at the Maliandao Tea Town. In order to deepen tea culture-themed tourism cooperation with each other, Xicheng Distirct and Zunyi launched their tea culture-themed tourist routes, tourist products and tourist tips.
On the morning of June 18, teachers and foreign students from Beijing Foreign Affairs University and Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture went to the Maliandao Tea Street. They tasted tea, learned how to brew tea, watched tea ceremony and enjoyed the face-changing show of Sichuan opera. During the event, students learned knowledge of tea culture, learned skills of brewing tea, and had a deeper understanding of the Maliandao Tea Street and China’s tea culture.
On the morning of June 19, the final of the "Maliandao Cup" National Tea Art Performance Contest, as one of the important events of this year’s "two Expos and one Festival", was held in the Maliandao Tea Street. More than 100 contestants from Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Guizhou, Jiangxi, Shaanxi and Yunnan brought 20 tea art performances, showing the essence of traditional Chinese tea culture. The "Zunyi Black Tea" performance team from the Tea College of Guizhou University beat ten teams to win the 2017 title.
On the afternoon of June 20, the organizer of the tea event invited students from Hong Kong to visit the Maliandao Tea Street and experience tea culture. It’s the 6th time for students from the Hong Kong "Future Star Alumni Association" to participate in tea culture experiencing event in Maliandao.
At the Jinghua Tea Town, Hong Kong students not only enjoyed tea culture by visiting tea museum, watching long-mouth teapot show and tasting China’s famous tea, but also experienced China’s intangible cultural heritage such as diabolo playing, antique porcelain, Lord Rabbit painting. And they also learned traditional Chinese martial arts from professionals from Beijing Shichahai Sports School.
During this event, students have learned knowledge of tea and tea culture, improved skills of brewing tea, deepened the understanding of the Maliandao and China’s tea culture, and had a better understanding of their own motherland.

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