2017 Beijing Intangible Cultural Heritage Fashion and Innovative Design Competition Starts

The 2017 Beijing Intangible Cultural Heritage Fashion and Innovative Design Competition was launched on June 10, co-sponsored by Beijing Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center and Xicheng District Commission of Culture, and co-undertaken by Xicheng District Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, the College of City Design of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, the College of Arts of Beijing Union University and the Base of Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Altar of Moon. The event will be held from June 10 to November 10, including launching ceremony, experiencing event, contest, and achievement show.
After preliminary assessment and final assessment, 2 first prize winners, 4 second prize winners, 6 third prize winners and 20 good award winners will be selected. Institutes of intangible cultural heritage protection and cultural innovation enterprises will select 3 projects out of the first, second and third prize winners to present the "most potential project for application to market" award, and give them funds for application.
At the launching ceremony of the event, Xicheng District also presented plaques to 46 items newly approved as the fifth batch of Xicheng District’s intangible cultural heritage. So far, there are 208 items of intangible cultural heritage in Xicheng District.

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