Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Yongsan-gu became the sister city of Xicheng District in 1995.

Yongsan-gu is a district of Seoul, South Korea. It sits to the North of the Han River under the shadow of Seoul Tower. It is home to roughly 250,000 people, and is divided into 20 dong, or neighborhoods, covering a total area of 22 square kilometers. The district tree of Yongsan-gu is pine tree, while the flower is rose and the bird is dove. Yongsan-gu has 2 universities, 2 research institutes, 4 general hospitals and more than 100 specialized hospitals. Other welfare facilities are also perfectly equipped. The regional economy gets well developed. The proportion of its three industries is 0.1:80.4:19.5. It has 1928 manufacturing enterprises, 1598 enterprises of transport, storage and communication, 375 services enterprises, and 4276 enterprises of other types. The total fiscal budget scale amounts to 120 billion won. Asia’s largest electronic business area is just located in Yongsan-gu.

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