Prefecture of Western Administrative Area of Moscow, Russia

Prefecture of Western Administrative Area of Moscow became the sister city of Xicheng District in 2004.

Located in the western part of the City of Moscow, it covers an area of 153 square kilometers, with a population of 1,090,800. Prefecture of Western Administrative Area of Moscow has made a quick development, having 42 large-scale machine manufacturing companies, 44 construction companies, and 50 research and design agencies. Meanwile, more than 80,000 companies of various kinds, scale and ownership produce 7.2% of industrial products of the City of Moscow, mainly involved in the materials of project and construction industry as well as the food industry. It has more than 2,500 consumer products markets, including 664 food companies, 1,184 retail and wholesale stores, 712 daily necessities store, and 15 large-scale comprehensive shopping malls and shopping centers. There are 102 hospitals and health care institutions here. Prefecture of Western Administrative Area of Moscow is known as “the Lung of the Capital”. The area of green and fruit gardens accounted for 14.4% of the land area, while parterres half the total area of the whole Moscow. There are also numerous natural scenic reserves and leisure and entertainment places here. More than 370 educational institutions, colleges and universities, as well as more than 150 cultural and recreational places are located here. There are more than 900 sports and fitness areas, including 10 stadiums, 6 gyms, 20 public swimming pools, 4 mountainski resorts, a golf club and an indoor ice rink. The Olympic villages of the 1980 Olympic Games and the 1998 International Youth Olympic Games are built here too.

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