Pasadena, California, USA

Pasadena became the sister city of Xicheng District in 1999.

Pasadena lies at the foot of St. Gabriel Mountain, 16 kilometers in the northwest of Los Angeles, titled of “Valley Corolla” of the valley of St. Gabriel Mountain. The city covers an area of 36 square kilometers, divided into 7 pieces of precinct, with a population of 135,000, one-quarter of which were born abroad, relied mainly on descendants in Latin. The religious sects of resident’s faith reach 29, with more than 170 churches, temples, mosques and ancestral halls. Multi-race and plural cultures have promoted the cooperation with foreign culture, trade and business, and education. Economy here relies mainly on the tertiary industry, developed commercial and service industries. Main shopping places include Pasadena square, old town area and so on. Other trades are information, communication, electron, financial management, etc. The scientific and technological, educational undertakings of Pasadena are developed. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the National Space Administration of U.S.A. (JPL) is a main space scientific and technical research institution, where Qian Xuesen had ever been engaging in research works here. Many famous institutions of higher learning and research institutions are located in the city, such as Institute of Technology of California, America Institute of Drama, Municipal Institute of Pasadena, Institute of Design Art and Oak Institute of the Pacific Ocean, etc. 45,000 students learn in the above-mentioned institutions. The city boasts a complete cultural and sports facility. There are Naughton Simon Museum, the Pacific Ocean Asia Museum, and Pasadena History Museum. On every New Year the Parade of Rose-festooned Vehicles is held, attracting visitors from all parts of the world. The American Football Match of Rose Cup enjoys a great reputation, too. The climate of Pasadena is temperate, with no frigid winter and heat summer. Architectural styles of residents" houses are various here, embraced by a graceful environment. Residents have relatively high per capita incomes. Traffic is convenient, highways extending in every direction. It takes by bus 20 minutes to Burbank Glen Airport of Pasadena and 30 minutes to International Airport of Ontario.

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