Montreux, Vaud, Switzerland


The City of Montreux of Vaud of the Confederation of Switzerland became the sister city of Xicheng District in 2013.
Located on Lake Geneva at the foot of the Alps, Montreux covers an area of 33.4 square kilometers and has a population of about 25,000. Montreux’s official language is French. The city’s main income comes from tourism industry, education industry represented by international private schools, service industry including insurance, banking and administrative organs, retail and wholesale industry, healthcare industry including hospitals, medical treatment institutions and private clinics, as well as construction industry.
Montreux has beautiful scenery and numerous churches, shoals and small piers. The city’s quaint style is fit for a holiday or settlement. Located in the east of Montreux, Chillon Castle is one of Europe’s top ten forts, gaining world renown because of British poet Byron’s work “Prisoner of Chillon”. So Chillon Castle is Montreux’s signature. The Government attaches great importance to protecting old buildings, many luxury Victorian hotels were built in the early 20th century and retains distinctive brand of the times now.
Numerous European festivals and cultural festivals originated in Montreux. Rousseau of 18th century, Byron of 19th century, Hemingway of 20th century and other literary giants have taken Montreux as the background for their creation, leaving a number of classic works. In addition, many European bands and musicians became famous in Montreux. Important cultural activities held in Montreux include: Montreux Jazz Festival, September Musical, Montreux Drama Festival, International Choral Competition and Montreux Volley Masters and so on. Among them, the most famous event is the annual Montreux Jazz Festival in July, thus Montreux wins the title of “City of Jazz”.
From 2011 onwards, Xicheng District and Montreux have several talks on cooperation in tourism, education, culture, finance and other aspects. In June of 2013, Xicheng District successfully held an “Ancient Beijing, Beautiful Xicheng” photo exhibition in Montreux, which received a warm welcome by the local. On July 29th, Xicheng District and Montreux signed the Agreement Between The City of Montreux of Vaud of the Confederation of Switzerland And Xicheng District of Beijing Municipality of the People’s Republic of China on the Establishment of Sister-City Relationship.

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