Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Jung-gu of Seoul became the sister city of Xicheng District in 1994.

Jung-gu is located in the central area of north Han River of Seoul, covering an area of 9.96 square kilometers. It has a population of over 130,000. The whole district divides into 15 dong, or neighborhoods. As the center of Seoul, Jung-gu has a mobile population of 3.5 million. It is the center of administrative bodies, news, finance and banking, trade and business, deluxe hotels, and traditional markets in Seoul. There are numerous scenic spots and historical sites in Jung-gu District, such as National Theater, Myeong-dong Street, the railway station, Namdaemun Market, Southern Mountain Park, Bank of Korea, Seoul Tower, etc. So it is a district where traditional and modern culture meets. The Myeong-dong Street is the most flourishing shopping center of Seoul, known as a holy land for shopping leading fashion and trend of people’s life, also called “Wall Street” of South Korea. The grand Myeong-dong Street Carnival, held twice each year since 1982, in summer and autumn separately, have attracted numerous visitors from home and abroad.

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