Xizhimen Business Area is located in the Xizhimen depot, the city’s largest comprehensive transportation hub for state-railway, urban light-rail, subway and other public transportation vehicles. The depot also allows passengers to enjoy the comfort of good commercial, catering and parking services. CapitaMall Shopping Mall is the landmark in Xizhimen Business Area with one-level underground and six-level floors and a gross floor area of 82,127 square meters. It supplies plenty of fashionable brands and attracts fashionable white-collar, professionals and young people, making it a gathering place of youth and fashion. All varieties of goods are available in CapitaMall, including large supermarket, well-known brand stores, stores for fitness, beauty and recreation, children care center, fast food restaurants, food plaza, KTV, etc. Fenglan Maples International Shopping Center, which is located in the north of Xizhimen Bridge, has three floors up-ground and one floor underground. It mainly engages in general merchandise and also supplies other services, such as catering, recreation and so on. There is also a famous ring crystal fashion corridor in Fenglan, with an area of 4600 square meters, which is a perfect place for performance, fashion party, sale and promotion events, and new product release. The Beijing Zoo Clothes Wholesale Market, located in the south of the Beijing Zoo, is the largest clothes wholesale market in North of China. The main markets in this area as following: Dongding Market, Tianle Market, Zhonghe Market, Tianhaocheng Market, Jinkailide Market, Shijitianle Market. Because the clothes there cover many kinds of style with cheap prices, it is an excellent place in Beijing for merchants and individuals to go shopping. Otherwise, there are Huatang Shopping Mall and Carrefour Supermarket in this area as well.

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