As a regional business area, Xinjiekou Business Area is not as famous as Xidan, Xizhimen or Dashilan Business Area, but there are so many specialty stores along the both sides of street, selling foreign trade clothes, audio-visual products, musical instruments and delicious snacks. For its convenient traffic and neighboring to the West Second Ring Road, it becomes the gathering place for the youth who have the taste of fashion. There are many shopping malls in this area, such as Xinhua Department Store, Crosspoint Shopping Center, Xinjiekou Deparment Store, Wante Jewelry Store, Wanfeng Jewelry store, etc. There are more than 60 musical instrument stores in both sides of the intersection of Xinjiekou South Street and Huguosi Street, which sell western musical instruments, folk musical instruments, audio products and audio-video products. Now, this area has become the most famous instrument business street with the most kinds of instruments and the most stores in Beijing.

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