South to Xirongxian Hutong while north to Lingjing Hutong Xikou, the 1.6-kilometre Xidan Commercial Street, which lies at the very heart of the city, is Beijing’s most compact and developed commercial and service area, and one of its top three traditional business areas, along with Wangfujing Dajie and Qianmen Dashilan.

Xidan North Street is the busiest section of the Xidan Commercial Street, hosting a number of big shopping malls, such as the Xidan Department Store, Xidan Shopping Mall, Joy City, Zhongyou Baihuo, Grand Pacific and 77th Street Mall. The Xidan Cultural Plaza, with a construction area of 35,000 square metres, is Central Beijing’s largest public venue for recreation, relaxation, and shopping. The Huawei Centre, the Guangzhou Hotel, the Gaodeng Building, the Xidan International Building, the Taiyun Building, China Huaneng Group Building and a number of other up-market office buildings provide ideal space for business operations and investment. In addition, dozens of wedding photo studios, including some of the country’s best, are located along Xidan Commercial Street.

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