Shichahai is a famous scenic area that includes three lakes(Qian Hai, meaning Front Sea; Hou Hai, meaning Back Sea and Xi Hai, meaning Western Sea), surrounding places of historic interest and scenic beauty, and remnants of old-style Beijing residences, hutong and siheyuan. It is located northwest of the Forbidden City and is always a good place for local Beijingers to relax and enjoy their lives. The Houhai Bar Street is a place where traditional Chinese and western culture hits. It’s one of the most bustling places of Beijing in the evening. And the most famous hutong in Shichahai area is Yandai Xiejie, meaning an oblique street, which looks like a long-stemmed pipe. This street used to be a famous street for selling long-stemmed pipes. And now there are nearly 70 businesses in this area which mainly sell folk crafts, smoking pipes, and garments and so on.

Located in the Shichahai Historical and Cultural Scenic Area, Huguosi Street is an ancient commercial street named after the former Huguosi Temple, which has a history of over 800 years when it was first formed in Yuan Dynasty. It starts from Xinjiekou Dajie in the west and ends at Deshengmen Neidajie in the east. It is now one of the most famous commercial streets in Beijing, very busy and clustered with numerous shops and restaurants. Along the 600m street, you find a rich choice of snacks, local flavors, antiques, boutiques and street front stores.

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