Caishikou Business Area is one of the famous areas in the south of Xicheng District. Caishikou Shopping Mall Ltd., the most famous gold and jewelry store in Bejing, is located here with a business area of 8800 square meters. As the independently developed brand of Caishikou Department Store Ltd., Caibai Ornaments Store is well known in Beijing, which sells gold, platinum, diamond, jade, gold and silver coins, golden bars and other investment products. “Caibai Ornaments” is awarded the honor of “the Most Influential Brand in China’s Industry” and “China’s Time-honored Brand”. Niujie Ethnic Area is also located in Caishikou Business Area. For years, this area has spawned many fine halal restaurants, and a number of halal shops such as Niujie Halal Supermarket are also popular here. Besides, as the biggest wholesale market of this area, Guang’an-Caibai Department Store is favored by the youth with its goods of lower price.

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