Tianqiao Performing Area

Replete with theatres and movie houses, such as the Tianqiao Theatre, Wansheng Theatre, the Zhonghua Cinema and the Tianqiaole Tea Garden, the Tiaoqiao Performing Area offers acrobatic, dramatic, ballad-singing, story-telling, comic-dialogue, clapper-talk, cross-talk and other kinds of performances. The Tianqiao Performance Industrial Park, which is being planned, will have six areas, including a core performance area, cultural tourist product trade area and a traditional cultural demonstration area and so on.

To ensure that the Tiaoqiao Performing Area reflects the best of the unique Xuannan Culture and offers prominent performances in a beautiful environment favourable to the development of culture, business and tourism, Xicheng District will focus on the tourism-related performing arts industry. It will provide business services, entertainment, high-level artistic performances, cultural shows, recreation, and it will promote cultural-business practices.

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