Fujing Historical and Cultural Street

Fujing Historical and Cultural Street stretches 3.8 km, starting from Fuchengmen in the west and ending at Jingshan West Street in the east. The planned area covers an area of 0.7 square kilometers, among which there are 2319 courtyards with a total construction area of 1.039 million square meters, extending as far as Fuchengmennei Street in the west, Xisi Crossroad in the east, Yangrou Hutong in the south and Xisibeiertiao in the north. As an important historical and cultural street and one of the 25 cultural protection areas of Beijing, Fujing Street serves as a traditional cultural axis running through the core functional areas of the capital city with such valuable cultural relics as Temple of Emperors of Successive Dynasties in China, White Pagoda Temple, Guangji Temple, Lu Xun Museum, Geological Museum of China, and Beihai Mission City among others.

Fujing Historical and Cultural Street has three distinctive features: First, it is located at the convergence zone of traditional cultural resources and modern economic development, and serves as a key path to promote the city’s culture and connect to the city’s center. Second, it is a key axis that links up the most central areas of the old downtown area, as well as the most important structural framework in Xicheng District, enjoying great potential for tourism development. Third, its historical and cultural protection area accounts for 12.4% of the total of the 33 historical and cultural protection zones of Beijing, playing a significant role in maintaining the integrity and intactness of the overall appearance of the old Beijing city.

The positioning of Fujing Historical and Cultural Street is: historical and cultural demonstration area, and tourism and leisure area. On the basis of protection of traditional cultural resources, it will focus on the development of tourism industry and tourist services business, catering industry and other service industry, as well as a moderate development of cultural and creative industries and industries related to finance.

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