Beijing Financial Street

Beijing Financial Street is a key base for Chinese State financial administrations and Beijing’s financial centre with a planned area of 2.59 square kilometres. Along with 20 years’ development, the Financial Street has become China’s financial management centre integrating policy-making and supervision, assets management, payment settlement, information exchanges and standards stipulation, managing nearly 40 trillion yuan in financial assets which accounts for 82 percent of Beijing’s total or 47.6 percent of the country’s total, controlling over 95 percent of the country’s credit funds and 65 percent of the premium funds. With daily capital flows topping 100 billion yuan the street is the country’s largest money market.

The Financial Street has a concentration of China’s top financial policy-makers and supervisors such as the Central Bank head office, the Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission and the Chinese Banking Regulatory Commission, as well as international organs, attracting 152 global and regional headquarters of enterprises.


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