As one of the districts with rapid economic development in Beijing, the GDP of Xicheng District exceeded 391 billion yuan in 2017. Regional comprehensive economic strength has markedly increased. A modern industry system under which finance is the core and hi-tech industry, cultural creativity industry, commerce and tourism are the priorities has initially taken shape. The industrial congregativeness effect in functional areas became more prominent, playing an even greater role in driving regional economic development.


The district"s inducture is being optimized,relying on the distinct char acteristics of a key central district of the Chinese capital.Xicheng District has a booming tertiary industry and its high-tech sector is among the best.The valueadded of the tertiary industry topped 357.8 billion yuan, 91.4 percent of the  district"s GDP...


Preliminary statistics shows that in 2017 the regional GDP of Xicheng District has topped 391.69 billion yuan with a year-on-year increase of 6.5%. The added value of the secondary industry has reached 33.8 billion yuan while the tertiary industry 357.89 billion yuan. By the end of 2017, the number of all kinds of units in Xicheng District has reached 58942, among which legal entities has reached 46235 and industrial establishments 12707. Besides, there are 20039 individual industrial and commercial households...


Xicheng District adheres to the principle of expanding opening up to the outside world, and maintains a sustainable and stable growth momentum in attracting contractual foreign investments and actually utilization of foreign investment...

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