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Attractions and Historical Sites
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Xishiku Catholic Church

Xishiku Catholic Church, also known as the North Church, has been placed under national cultural relics protection. The church was originally located at Canchikou by Zhongnanhai and officially opened in 1703. It was bestowed by Emperor Kangxi...


Catholic Nantang

The Xuanwumen Catholic Church is the oldest Catholic church in Beijing. Located in southern Central Beijing, it is known as “Nantang” (Catholic Church in the South). It is one of the main Catholic churches in Beijing and is a key cultural unit...


Guangji Temple

First built during the Jin Dynasty and expanded many times during the Ming Dynasty, the Guangji Temple is a cultural relic site under national protection. The overall arrangement of this temple has a Ming style, with three parallel sections along...


Miaoying Temple

The Miaoying Temple, or White Pagoda Temple, was built in 1271 during the Yuan Dynasty. It is the earliest and best-preserved cultural relic from that period. The remains of the Sakyamuni Buddha were enshrined in the 51-metre pagoda, a cultural ...


Baoguo Temple

First built in 1103, the Baoguo Temple covers 17,000 square metres. During the late Ming and early Qing periods, the Baoguo Temple was well known throughout Beijing for its book fairs. After the People’s Republic of China was founded in 1949...


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