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Attractions and Historical Sites
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Ruifuxiang Silk Shop

Located in Dashilan Street, the Ruifuxiang Silk Shop, founded in 1893, is a time-honoured Chinese brand and tops the eight traditional silk shops of Beijing. It mainly offers Chinese-style silk, woollen and cotton-cloth clothes, which are...


Neiliansheng Shoe Shop

Located in Dashilan Street, the Neiliansheng Shoe Shop was established in 1853. It was known for making boots for high-ranking officers of the Qing Dynasty. “Nei” means “the court,” and “Lian Sheng” means “customers who wear shoes made...


Zhangyiyuan Tea

Located in Xisi Beidajie, Zhangyiyuan Tea was established in 1908 by Zhang Wenqing. It provides more than 200 tea products. Zhangyiyuan has maintained strict standards for purchasing and selling tea. It has a strong tea-processing capacity...


Daguanlou Cinema

Evolving from the Masiyuan Teahouse in 1905, the Daguanlou Cinema where Dingjun Shan (Dingjun Mountain), China’s first movie, was showed is a national AAA tourist site. The cinema was regarded as the “Birthplace of Chinese Movies” by the State...



Located along Liulichang Dajie, Rongbaozhai, formerly known as Songzhuzhai, went into business in 1672 during the 11th year of the Kangxi reign (1661–1722) of the Qing Dynasty, selling painting and calligraphy paper, and related products. It also sells ...


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