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Attractions and Historical Sites
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Yandai Xiejie

Yandai Xiejie is located in the core area of Shichahai and neighbors Di’anmenwai Street to the east, Bell and Drum Tower to the north, Qianhai and Yinding Bridge of Shichahai to the west, Fire God Taoist Temple and Houmen Bridge to the south...


Picai Hutong

Picai Hutong neighbors Xidan North Street to the east and Taipingqiao Street to the west and is surrounded by a large number of hutongs to the south and north, such as, Banbi Hutong, Nanfeng Hutong, Yunti Hutong,Kua’che Hutong, etc...


Zhuanta Hutong

Zhuanta Hutong(the Brick Pagoda Hutong), is one of Beijing’s oldest and best-preserved hutong, with a history of more than 600 years. It is said that the ancient green-brick pagoda enshrines the bones of Wansong, an eminent monk and teacher...


Da Jinsi Hutong

During the Ming Dynasty, many sewing workshops operated out of Da Jinsi Hutong and Xiao Jinsi Hutong, or the Big/Small Golden Silk Hutong. In the Qing Dynasty, the area was called Jinyinse Tao Hutong, or the Gold and Silk Sash Hutong, as a lot...


Qianshi Hutong

Northeast of Dashilan and west of Zhubaoshi Jie, the Qianshi Hutong is regarded as the narrowest hutong in Beijing. The narrowest part of the hutong is six-tenths of a metre wide. It used to be an official monetary market during the Qing Dynasty ...


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