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Attractions and Historical Sites
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Huguang Guildhall

Built in 1807 during the Qing Dynasty, the Huguang Guildhall is among the most famous guildhalls with a theatre. It was once used as a guildhall for people from Hunan and Hubei provinces. In its theatre, first built in 1830, many Peking Opera stars...


Anhui Guildhall

The Anhui Guildhall was built in 1871 during the Qing Dynasty. It was co-funded by Li Hongzhang, the then Zhili governor-general and a powerful minister, Li Hanzhang, Li Hongzhang’s elder brother and the then Huguang governor-general and general of...


Zhengyici Theatre

The Zhengyici Theatre is one of the four oldest theatres in Beijing. It used to be an ancient temple during the Ming Dynasty and served as a memorial temple for the military deity of wealth, Zhao Gongming. In 1667, during the Qing Dynasty...


Zhongshan Guildhall

Zhongshan Guildhall is used to be a place for the youth to do revolutionary activities in early days, which was originally a place bought by Liu Hanyun, a Jinshi in Kangxi years of Qing Dynasty. In 1895, Tang Shaoyi, a then officer born in Xiangshan County...


Taiyuan Guildhall

Taiyuan Guildhall is located in No.15 Chukuying Hutong of Xicheng District. It was funded by Kang Jitian, a Hebei governor who was from Shanxi, and was built in the 45th year of the reign of Emperor Qianlong. It faces south and appears to be a ...


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