8 Streets in Jingshan Area

With a total area of 140.45 hectares, this area lies on the central axis of the north of the Forbidden City in Beijing, which takes Jing Shan(hill) as its center, reaches as far as Ping¡¯an Street in the north, the north wall of the Forbidden City in...


South and North Changjie Streets and Xihuamen Street

With a total area of 30.57 hectares, this area is located between the Forbidden City in the east and Zhongnanhai in the west, bordering Zhongshan Park to its east, West Chang¡¯an Street to its south and Wenjin Street to its north. The structures here...


1st to 8th Lanes in Xisi Area

From Xisi Bei Toutiao to Bei Batiao, there are eight parallel hutong that run from east to west. They start from Xisi Beidajie on the east, stop at the Zhao Dengyu Lu on the west and border Fuchengmennei Dajie on the south. It covers a total area of 32.19ha...


Fuchengmennei Street

With a length of 1400 meters from east to west, Fuchengmen Street Area has a total area of 70.38 hectares, which lies to the east of Fuchengmen of 2nd Ring Road, to the west of Xisi North Street and Xisi South Street, to the north of Yangrou Hutong...


Shichahai Area

With a total area of 301.57 hectares, Shichahai Area is located in the northwest of old Beijing city, stretching across Xicheng District and Dongcheng District.Shichahai is char acterized by its long history and profound culture. Before Liao and ...


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